DIY Vertical or Horizontal Blinds Automation Project

This project started with a need to close my blinds on a west facing window in the afternoon, while I was away. Especially in summer, the sun in Australia can do devastating things that it shines onto directly. Plus, it drastically increased the temperature in the room.

I already have a home automation setup made up of Apple’s HomeKit and Homebridge for DIY and other device interrogations. However, this device has an API that can be used by other home automation solutions.

I will start describing the project with what the final device looks like.

The Finished Product

The dimensions are approximately 64mm deep, 47mm wide and 92mm tall. The cog wheel was designed to pull a ball chain with 5mm diameter balls. The device connects to your home WiFi and the web based configuration allows you to customise the start and stop or open and close position of your blinds. The device attaches to the wall by double sided tape.

Vertical Blinds Automation Motor

Components and Skill set

You will require the following components and skills to build this project:


  • Arduino IDE and basic knowledge uploading code to a compatible board
  • 3D Printing from an STL file
  • Assembly skills


  • 5V Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 With Drive Test Module Board ULN2003
  • WiFi Nodemcu CP2102 Development Board 2.4GHz
  • M2.5 Counter sunk screws x8
  • M4 Steel Hex Head Cup Point Grub screw x2
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC power plug
  • 5v Power Supply with a 2.1mm DC plug
  • STL Files for the body, cog wheel, top and bottom covers and the wall mount. These are attached to this post.
  • Arduino Sketch for the Node MDU, also attached to this post.

NOTE: This post is a work in progress and additional content details and material is still being added.

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