Handy Case for Hex Bits



If you tinker with electronics and 3D printing like me, often you find you need a small box or case to hold your hex bits for your mini electric screwdriver like the wowstick.

This case was inspired by the wowcase you can purchase for the wowstick. This version includes two levels for your bits and its 3D printable without supports.

The two inner levels of compartments can be retracted by pulling on the lid, and each level can be turned to locking place when needed. The turn it again and it falls along the guides.

You can assemble this without glueing. I printed this design on my Prusa i3 MK3 Printer in 20% infill with PLA. All pieces fit snug and there was no need to glue them together.

NOTE: This purchase includes the STL file(s) ONLY for you to print. Due to the nature of 3D Printing technology I can not guarantee your results will be the same as mine. I do not take responsibility for the result of your print.


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