Hex Bit Adapter 4mm to 6mm with a magnet slot


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This is an improved version of my original Hex Bit Adapter for converting hex bits from 4mm shaft to 6mm standard hex bits. This is a very useful adapter particularly if you use a mini electric screwdriver like the Wowstick. It allows you to use it with regular hex bits.

This version has an internal slot for a 5mm diameter x 2mm tall round magnet. This little magnet is more than capable to hold the bit inside the addapter.

The best part is, if the adapter breaks, just re-print another one and reuse the magnet.

NOTE: This purchase includes the STL file(s) ONLY for you to print. Due to the nature of 3D Printing technology I can not guarantee your results will be the same as mine. I do not take responsibility for the result of your print.


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