CANDCO: This website and creator of the 3D model files available on this site.
BUYER: Refers to everyone who downloads a 3D file on the site, whether free or paid.
VISITOR: Refers to any person who is coming on the website without being registered.
USER: BUYER and VISITOR are referred to user.
PAYPAL: Is referred to PayPal Australia payment processor used by this website.

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of BUYERs, VISOTORs, any natural or legal person wishing to make a purchase through the website of CANDCO “”

The parties agree that all the internet orders made on CANDCO are governed exclusively by these terms and conditions.

CANDCO reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Anyone visiting this website as a BUYER or VISIOTOR agrees to all these conditions without exception.

CANDCO is committed to protecting the privacy of those who visit the website and use of the CANDCO service.


Payment for all purchases is made online via the secure payment managed by PAYPAL. Payment can be made with an existing PAYPAL account or with a valid credit card. The BUYER has the option to choos their method of payment during checkout on the PAYPAL payment page.

This website is uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) cerificate to encrypt all data transmited to and from thiw website.

CANDCO does not store BUYERS payment details.

The data recorded and stored by CANDCO constitute proof of the order and all transactions.

The data recorded by PAYPAL payment system constitute proof of financial transactions.

If the BUYER chooses to create an account with CANDCO, the order history will be available on the CANDCO website in the account information of the BUYER.

CANDCO is not responsible for any problems related to the transaction services of the online payment system.


All USERS access, use and browse the this site as its own risk.

BUYER acknowledges and agrees that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, CANDCO can not be held liable for any damage direct, indirect, incidental to, or repair of non-pecuniary, costs, losses, decrease in turnover or profits, or liabilities of any nature whatsoever, may arise from the use of designs or site or from an inability to use the website or its contents.

CANDCO can not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the Internet, including interruption of service, external intrusion, computer viruses, or any event of force majeure, in accordance with jurisprudence.

All sales are final.

If the buyer, after downloading the files, realizes it is not printable, no refund can be made by CANDCO.

CANDCO will make its best efforts to ensure that the imagas of the 3D models in the catalog published on the site are as accurate as possible to the 3D printed version. However, it is possible that the perception by the purchaser of the photographic representation of the creations do not correspond exactly to the creation itself. Differences may result in color photographs, difficulty to appear on the screen rendering or materials, without being exhaustive, technical adaptation.

The illustrations in the catalog on the site are not contractual.

Every effort has been made to design, print and test the 3D STL Files in order to acheive a good result. Due to the highly variable nature of most 3D Printers, CANDCO will not be responcible for any issues related to but not limited by, faults, issues, failed prints resulting from files downloded by VISITORS or BUYERS from this website.

Due to the nature of 3D Printing technology CANDCO can not guarantee your results will be the same as pictured. We do not take responsibility for the result of your print.

Upon a successful checkout, you will be emailed a link to the selected downloads. This link will expire in 7 days. You are responsible for downloading this file within this time period. If you fail to download these files in that time period, you will be required to re-purchase the files.


Pictures, drawings, designs, texts, names and logos appearing on the website are the property of their authors and as such are protected by intellectual property rights.

CANDCO remains the owner of the 3D model STL files, the VISITOR and BUYER is granted a license to print the 3D models for personal use only.

All 3D model STL files published on CANDCO are exclusively reserved for private and personal use. This means, VISITORS or BUYERS do not have the right to sell or share or distribute in any way, the 3D model STL files or the printed model or any derivative of the model for economic, financial or non-finacial gain. For Example, you cannot sell or share the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of that model, nor can you sell or share prints of the model or trade it in any way whats so ever.

This license may be revoked at any time by the designer by changing the price of its creation or deleting directly from the catalog contained on the website

Any reproduction, copying or use both in Australia and abroad for all or part of the site, and / or any creations for professional use (for any reason whatsoever, even partially) or duplication in any medium, site, free access or paid commercial or blogs is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from CANDCO and constitutes an infringement punishable by Law.


CANDCO reserves the right to collect information about members including using cookies. CANDCO will not be sell your information to or shared with any other companies or organisations without your consent, other than those outlined above.

CANDCO uses automatic information processing during checkout or account registration. This includs but is not limited to automated emails confirming orders or account setup.