GoPro Flat Surface Magnetic Mount

Its holiday season, time to dust off the old or new GoPro and do some filming. Each time I use my GoPro and find myself in a new situation I think to myself I wish I had a mount for that.

This time, it was a flat metallic surface. Sure you can use a suction cup mount but they are usually bulky. I needed something small and light weight. Hence this design. Its very simple, it has the standard three prong GoPro mount on top. The nut hole fits the standard GoPro nut and naturally it works with original GoPro attachments.

GoPro Flat Surface Magnetic Mount

I have two versions of this design, one has the flat base and you can punch holes in it to suit your magnets size, or two where I have used 16x 5mm x 2mm round neodium magnets.


I printed this in 0.1 layer height and 20% infill with no supports, with the flat surface flat on the print bed. I used a Prusa MK3 i3 printer and 3D Fillies Silver PLA+

If you are printing the second version, once done, take a 5mm drill bit and by hand clean up the holes. This should ensure that the magnets have nice snug fit and you will not need to glue them in.


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