Apple iPad mini series 2 & 3 Wall Mount for Home Automation

If you are using Apple’s HomeKit home automation devices, then you probably though about using a wall mounted iPad for additional centralised control or camera views. I most certainly did and because I could not find one on a budget, decided to design my own.

This iPad mini mount will suit iPad Mini series 2 & 3. This mount may fit an iPad mini 1 but its too old to suport hence it was omitted in testing. This mount will not fit iPad mini 4 because is a bit longer and I am working on a larger wall mount to suit the series 4. Below is a photo of the finished product and a few rengerings.

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You can print this model without supports but your printer will need to support bridging. The file bundle contains all STL files necessary. You should print the faceplate with the textured surface facing up. The wall plate should be printed with the wall side facing down.

Printed on Prusa i3 MK3 Printer in PLA with 20% infill and no supports.

Screw and Nut

To assemble, you will need 4 x 3mmx6mm screws and matching square nuts. These should have external dimensions of 6mm x 6mm to fit in to the wall plate slots. You can print the supplied wall mounting plates and use them to hang the iPad on, or you could just screw in your own countersunk screws into the wall as needed. The file bundle also contains a spacer that can be printed to keep the iPad parallel to the wall.

You can download the bundled files from the link below.

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