Hex Bit Adapter 4mm to 6mm

This is a Hex Bit Adapter for mini electric screwdrivers like the Wowstick.

So I bought a Wowstick for my projects, unfortunately the bits that came with it did not have the size I needed. However my other bit set had the correct size (H1.5) for my tiny screws. Unfortunately the other set was a 6.35mm or 1/4″ hex shaft and the Wowstick takes mini bit with a 4mm shaft. So I made an adapter.

This adapter takes any 1/4″ bit and allows you to use it with the Wowstick electric screwdriver. This updated design has a slot for a 5mm x 2mm magnet. I found that over time the plastic loosens and the bits fall out. The magnet will hold the bit in place.

Here are a few images of the printed adapter.

You can still download the original STL file for FREE, from the link below (v1 without the magnet slot).

I would suggest to print it at 0.1 layer height and 100% infill for durability.

If you like too download v2 of the Hex bit adapter wich includes the magnet slot, you can download through the link below.

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