The Homebrew Keg Tag & Brew Icons

This was a project I did for my brother and if you are a beer home brewer then you may appreciate how these could be usefull.

One practical use is in the keezer. A keezer is where you would typically store your kegs of home-brew. The keezer would be slightly refrigerated and would contain hoses, finings and all sorts of hookups included external taps for pouring beer. The keezer keeps everything out of the way.

If you have more than one keg, you may want to identify the kegs and note what type of beer it has or when it was brewed. This is where the Keg Tag comes in handy.

The Keg Tag, has a slot at the top for mounting, you can use a zip tie to attach it to your keg. On the underside, there is a slit for a business card size card on which you can write the details about your beer.

The top side of the Keg Tag has a space where you can attach a Brew Icon to also identify the beer type and visually differentiate the kegs from each other. The brew Icon attaches magnetically so you can easily change the Brew Icons out. Both the Keg Tag and the Brew Icon have a small slot underneath for a 2mm x 5mm round magnet. Below you can see a 3D example of one of the Brew Icons – the Water Droplet.

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You can print the Brew Icon STL files without supports. Most printers will be able to bridge the small hole for the magnet on the underside. The Keg Tag however, I would recommend to print with supports, printing it with the card slot facing down. I printed these on my Prusa i3 MK3 printer with 20% infill using PLA.

You can download the STL bundle from the link below. What will you get in the STL bundle:

  • Keg Tag STL files
  • Set of 8 diferent Brew Icons in one STL file

Please note that the card insert is not included in this download. The card size is roughly the size of a stock business card. If you create a great template, let me know and I will add it to this post.

By purchasing my designs you are supporting my work and future designs. For this I am thankful. If you would like me to print and post these for you, please let me know using the contact form.

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