The Letterbox Tray

Our letterboxes are located outside, ours is on the bottom of the stack. Every time it rains or the sprinklers are on, the water runs down the walls, into our letterbox and settles on the bottom. This makes for very wet letters.

Enough is enough. You can’t fight the weather or the strata management, so I designed a letterbox tray. This design is intended the rain the letters from sitting in a watery letterbox bundle. The size of the tray is 290mm long 160mm deep and 13 mm tall.

I designed it in two parts as my print bed was not large enough to print the tray in one pice. The joint has a 0.3mm tolerance but in and locks in well, however I applied some glue to make it permanent. You can download the STL from the link below. Enjoy.

Letterbox Tray

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